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3 Advantages of Installing Storm Windows Boca Raton

Installing storm windows in Boca Raton is the best investment you can make to prepare your home for hurricane season. The popularity of impact windows, also known as hurricane windows, is primarily due to their ability to withstand the harsh winds and debris produced by hurricanes and tropical storms.

There are a number of other advantages to impact windows in Boca Raton. The following article will highlight some of the little known reasons why you should consider installing hurricane-proof windows and doors.

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3 Benefits of Installing Impact Windows 

#1. Hurricane Windows are Energy Efficient and Green

Saving money on energy bills is always welcomed when it comes to being a homeowner. Traditional windows can make it difficult to save money on energy bills. This is because traditional windows allow heat to enter the home and cool air to escape it.

Unfortunately, this can easily cause energy bills to rise every month. One of the major benefits of Boca Raton storm windows is that they offer homeowners with superior insulation.

The added insulation can keep the transfer of heat and cold air from occurring freely. Investing in hurricane windows is a great way to lower your monthly energy bills. 

#2. Protection From UV Rays

Florida is recognized for the large amount of sunlight that exists year-round. Every day, an amount of UV light enters homes and businesses.

The UV rays that enter can cause excessive fading and discoloration of furniture and interior decor. Instead of having to replace expensive furniture due to UV damage, impact windows can prevent it from ever occurring. 

Storm windows are designed to block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from entering a building. Not only will you keep your home safe from hurricanes and tropical storms, but you can also protect it from the harmful effects of the Florida sun. 

#3. Storm Windows Reduce Noise

Outside noise in the neighborhood can shatter the peacefulness of your home. This is especially true if you live on a busy intersection or neighborhood. One of the little known benefits of Boca Raton storm windows is their ability to drastically reduce noise.

Impact windows can keep neighborhood noise from entering your home. At the same time, noises from inside your home will be almost impossible to hear from the outside. 

Installing Storm Windows in Boca Raton

As you can see, storm windows and doors offer so much more than just protection from hurricanes and tropical storms. They offer homeowners peace of mind with reduced noise, lower energy bills, UV protection, great insurance benefits, and twenty-four-hour protection.

Choosing the right impact window installation company is essential to ensuring you get the most value for your investment. If you are interested in speaking with a professional about impact windows and doors in Boca Raton, keep Access Doors and Windows in mind.

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Storm Windows Boca Raton

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