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Hurricane Impact Windows

Advantages Of Impact Windows Installation Boca Raton

One of the most important investments you can make for your home is choosing impact windows installation. Floridians understand the importance of preparing for hurricane season. A hurricane or powerful tropical storm can cause major damage to the neighborhood and your home.

High-speed winds can turn small pieces of debris into extremely dangerous projectiles that can easily smash through doors and windows. Obviously, the major reason why people choose to install hurricane impact windows is to prepare for hurricanes.

Impact windows can actually provide a multitude of advantages that extend year-round. Some of these benefits can even help pay for the installation through savings. More people are discovering these additional benefits adding to the popularity of hurricane impact door installation

Continue reading below to learn how impact windows and doors can help save you money on energy bills, protect your home from crime, and even keep furniture from degrading. If you are interested in starting impact window installation in Boca Raton for your home, please contact Access Doors and Windows today. 

Advantages of Hurricane Windows and Doors

Save Money On Energy Bills

One of the most expensive parts of living in the Sunshine State is keeping your home cool and comfortable year-round. This is especially true during the very hot months that seem to last from Summer to Fall.

Anything that can be done to save money and electricity can be incredibly beneficial. Traditional windows permit hot and cold air to transfer between the outside environment and the inside of your home.  

Installation of impact windows can drastically increase the insulation of your home. The added insulation prevents cold air from escaping the home and warm air from getting inside. This added insulation can save you money on energy bills even on the hottest days. 

Added Home Security

Everyone knows that impact windows and doors can keep the harmful effects of hurricanes and tropical storms from getting inside a home or business. Not everyone is aware however that impact windows can also keep burglars from breaking in.

Most burglars will attempt to infiltrate your home through the windows and doors by breaking through the glass leaving your home vulnerable. Impact windows installation can provide a powerful defense against burglary and crime.

A burglar will be unable to break through the glass and get inside of your home. This makes impact windows and doors a great addition to the security system of any home or business. 

Protection From UV Rays

The hot Florida sun can cause great harm due to the UV rays continuously showering buildings and people. The UV rays can even cause gradual damage to the inside of your home forcing you to replace furniture and more.

Impact windows can reduce the amount of harmful UV rays from entering your home by up to 99%. Impact windows installation prevents excessive fading and discoloration of furniture and interior decor. 

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Impact Windows Installation

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