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Energy Benefits of Hurricane Windows Boca Raton FL

There are many practical reasons to consider installing impact doors and hurricane windows in Boca Raton FL. Aside from their obviously protective attributes, impact door and window installations actually help to keep energy bills down.

Most people are aware that hurricane impact windows can protect a home from the high winds and storm debris thrown by a hurricane or a tropical storm. It’s also well-known that these types of windows are the only available option in Florida that don’t have to be covered with hurricane shutters. 

What’s more, installing hurricane windows in Boca Raton FL can save you money on insurance premiums due to their proven capability of keeping a home free from damage and safer overall, both from hurricane-force winds and potential break-in attempts.

But one of their lesser-known benefits is that impact doors and windows can save people money on monthly heating and cooling bills.

Energy Benefits of Impact Window Installations

The heavy-duty framing of impact-resistant windows and doors, along with the double layer of laminated glass covering a middle layer of even more impact-resistant material, makes them extremely energy efficient. Many people don’t realize the amount of heat or cold that is transferred through traditional windows. 

Standard windows will actually lose air from inside the home and transfer heat or cold from outside the home. By contrast, impact hurricane windows prevent this from happening. Instead, the air inside the house remains the temperature that the user wants it to be. At the same time, impact windows keep the hot or cold outside air from entering the home thanks to their incredibly protective abilities.

Lastly, the specially laminated glass used in quality hurricane impact windows also keeps UV rays from entering a home, protecting any belongings inside. The 99% blocking of UV rays is standard for hurricane impact windows and preventing UV light from entering your home keeps your furniture from fading and sun damage. 

While the same amount of light will continue to enter your house throughout the day, damage caused by sunlight will be significantly reduced if not stopped altogether. There will be no more concerns about faded carpets, chairs, or curtains and any pictures and paintings adorning the walls will remain free from the damage of the extreme Florida sun. 

Install Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton FL

The potential money that can be saved on heating and A/C costs is often substantial, making the choice to install hurricane impact windows in Boca Raton a decision that can quickly pay for itself.

We all know the heat and humidity of a summer month in Florida can be unbearable at times. Who wouldn’t want their home to stay cool and dry throughout the summer?

For this reason, installing hurricane windows in Boca Raton FL should be considered a practical and cost-effective investment for any homeowner. Not only will you and your wallet thank you due to their energy-efficient properties but you will also be able to forego the hassle of hurricane shutters in the event a major tropical storm approaches.

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Hurricane Windows Boca Raton FL

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