Hurricane Impact Doors
Hurricane Impact Windows

How Hurricane Impact Doors and Windows Compare To Other Options

Hurricane impact doors and windows, more often referred to simply as impact windows and impact doors, provide the highest level of protection from dangerous storms. Ultimately, the primary purpose of impact doors and windows is to keep properties and the things most important to you safe from impacts due to hurricane-force winds.

However, there are actually many other lesser-known functions owners get the advantage of enjoying. Such benefits as improved energy efficiency and a reduction in noise help to make hurricane impact doors and windows the best option in hurricane protection to invest in.

If you are unsure if the cost of investing in impact windows in Boca Raton is worth it, explore some ways the compare to other options in the article below. If you are interested in getting a quote for impact door installation in Boca Raton from the top installers in the area, please contact Access Doors and Windows for help.

Are Hurricane Impact Doors The Best Option?

While hurricane shutters do offer a lot of protections against potentially dangerous projectiles and certain films can add a layer of impact resistance and UV protection, they both also have their limitations. However, it should still be noted that both shutters and impact glass film are cheaper options than impact windows and doors.

Some of the limitations for panel and accordion shutters are in regards to their installation and inconvenience. Not only is it often difficult to put shutters up or install permanent accordion shutters, but they don’t offer around-the-clock protection because they don’t remain in place at all times.

Similarly, it’s not uncommon for impact glass films to end up being insufficient when they are needed more. Something as simple as having the film affixed on the window or improperly or the window not being fastened correctly can leave the windows vulnerable to damage.

The main benefits of hurricane impact doors include:

  • Around-the-clock protection from hurricane-force winds and high impacts
  • Savings due to increased energy efficiency
  • Reduction of noise from an outside source
  • UV protection for all furniture and furnishings
  • Added protection from potential break-in attempts

Get A Quote For Boca Raton Impact Windows

Why leave yourself vulnerable to potential damage when there is a highly effective option available? Instead, consider the advantages of installing impact doors and windows in Boca Raton to make the most of your property investment and gain peace of mind.

Access Doors and Windows is proud to be the leading hurricane window and door installation company in the Palm Beach County area. We have helped countless customers gain the advantages of these incredible property protection options in a diverse variety of locations.

To get a quote for Boca Raton impact door and window installation, simply call 561-736-5210 for assistance.

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Hurricane Impact Doors

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