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Hurricane Impact Windows

Why Invest In Boca Raton Hurricane Impact Doors And Windows

Have you considered hurricane impact doors in Boca Raton but want to learn more? There are a number of important reasons why installing hurricane impact doors and windows makes a great investment for home and business owners.

Part of living in South Florida is staying prepared during hurricane season. Hurricanes and tropical storms can produce high winds and incredible gusts that can turn objects and debris into dangerous projectiles.

Standard windows and doors are not designed to withstand hurricane-force winds or a hard, direct impact. Shutters and wooden boards are still used in the area but they can be a hassle. 

Continue reading to learn why you should invest in hurricane impact doors in Boca Raton for your home or business. If you have any questions or would like a free quote for impact door installation Boca Raton can depend on, please contact Access Doors and Windows today. 

Benefits Of Hurricane Impact Doors And Windows

When a hurricane is approaching South Florida you may only have a few days to prepare. The most important aspect of hurricane preparedness is securing your home.

Although sliding glass doors and large, open windows are very popular with homes in the region, they pose a real danger. Part of protecting your home from hurricanes and tropical storms includes securing the doors and windows. 

Every South Florida local has seen wooden boards used to protect windows and doors. Some homes and businesses will also use shutters that are installed on windows and doors. Both methods have their own significant drawbacks and can be a hassle when considering everything else you have to do to prepare. 

By contrast, installing Boca Raton hurricane impact doors and windows can offer your home protection against high winds and impacts. Additionally, impact windows and doors offer a number of other benefits that most people may not be aware of. 

Protection From UV Rays

The sun is a fact of life when you call the Sunshine State your home. Unfortunately, the UV rays that the sun produces can cause major damage to the insides of your home or business.

Harmful UV rays can easily pass through traditional glass windows and doors. Impact windows and doors provide protection from UV rays; preventing furniture and other objects from being damaged. 

Prevent Crime

Security is always a major concern for home and business owners alike. Installing Boca Raton impact windows and doors is a great investment that will protect your home from crime.

The impact-resistant glass cannot be tampered with or broken by burglars trying to get inside. Investing in impact doors and windows can offer protection from powerful storms and would-be intruders. 

Lower Energy Costs

A great reason why impact windows and doors are so popular is their ability to improve the overall energy efficiency of a building. The impact-resistant glass acts as insulation that keeps hot air outside and cool air inside.

Homeowners can drastically reduce their energy costs. Particularly during the summer months. 

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Hurricane Impact Doors Boca Raton

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