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Hurricane Impact Windows

Why Invest In West Palm Beach Impact Windows

Investing in West Palm Beach impact windows installation can offer numerous benefits for homeowners. Hurricane windows and impact doors are essential to protecting your home and family from powerful storms. Floridians understand the importance of staying prepared during hurricane season. 

High winds and wind-borne debris can cause major damage to a home. They also pose a dangerous hazard to anyone inside the building. Impact windows and doors are one of the best ways to stay prepared during hurricane season. What many people are unaware of however are the additional benefits that impact windows offer. 

Continue reading to learn why impact windows and doors are a great investment for homeowners. If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss impact window installation for your home, please contact Access Doors & Windows today. 

Advantages Of Impact Windows 

Most Florida homeowners are aware of the powerful protection that impact windows offer during hurricanes and tropical storms. They are the only windows in Florida that do not require hurricane shutters. It is also widely known that impact windows can lower insurance premiums.

Insurance premiums are lowered because impact windows can keep a home safe from damage caused by storms and criminals. What few people know is how impact windows can help homeowners save money on heating and cooling bills. The reason for this lies in the design of impact windows.

The heavy-duty aluminum frame of impact windows and doors in conjunction with the double layer of laminated glass in the middle layer is energy efficient. Most homeowners are unaware of how much heat and cold is transferred by standard windows. The cool air inside the home can easily escape through the glass in standard windows. 

Impact windows and doors prevent heat and cold from transferring. This can help keep a home cool and comfortable on the hottest days. Preventing heat and cold from transferring can help homeowners substantially save on energy bills. In fact, the savings can make the impact windows pay for themselves in time. 

Install Impact Windows In West Palm Beach

If you are interested in the incredible benefits West Palm Beach impact windows and doors offer, please contact Access Doors & Windows today. Investing in impact windows is more than staying prepared for hurricane season.

Contact us or call 561-736-5210 to discuss impact windows and doors installation for your home and start saving today. 

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Impact Windows West Palm Beach

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